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DevFlex Platform!...

About us

Throughout time, we have always been a family business. All the people with whom we have had the honor of sharing this adventure have always received the family touch from us, achieving as a result a high degree of loyalty and companionship.



RAFAEL PIETERS RIZZO, the programmer, as a real computer science professional by study,

He it's passionate not only by technology but also with real implementation of any business case or just any requirement that pretend to use software technology. Working with people has the challenge to get from them a real idea about what they are looking for and how to implement it in a efficient way for every body.



The Queen. Absolute diligence, management,

caring for people and all administrative aspects are some of the most important skills for this great woman who has been with us on this journey, creating solutions for others and supporting everything related to our business life.



New generation of technology specialist,

as a computer science who will be refreshing everything in the perfect moment, as we need it.



The youngest of our family team, a fresh judge,

he is a passionate player at the moment, giving us valuable opinion and point of view for this strange new generation.

Our values

Cultivate the true family-group, respect and consideration for all people and teamwork in every sense.

Our Mission as a group

To satisfy our customers needs in order for them to fulfill their business strategies by providing them with flexible technological solutions while satisfying quality and efficiency standards; with our assistance, in a motivational and open work environment.

Our Vision

Help our customers to be leaders in they business creating and using of state-of-the-art technology, with a global presence, providing them with a high quality products and services in an environment of constant personal and professional growth.

Why us ?

Simple: because with our knowledge we can be your partner and work together on your great idea with all the commitment they require to make it a reality.

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Special thanks to all the people involved in the process to build this platform over time, during these more than 16 years. Some of them have been:

Eugene, Rafael, Ricardo, Josnaiver, Nataly, Samuel, Gabriel, Maria, Enrique, Sergio, Freddy, Pablo, Hendry, Mikel, Carlos, Daniel, Gonzalo, Manuel, Ariadna, Orlando, Gil, Manasa.


In its many years of experience, Devflex Technology has participated in many projects. In all cases, a custom solution approach has been applied. As a boring reference some of these include:

Solutions for retail sales controlled by a central administration.

General characteristics: Support for daily business processes (opening, sales and closing). Bill & receipt printing. Support for conventional and fiscal printers. Cash management. Support for multiple products and services, multiple currencies and multiple payment methods. Internationalization support. Centralized control and monitoring. Centralized management and configuration (users, operations, permissions). Dynamic caracterization of products (content and form). Aimed at the commercial sector.

Customers Information Management Systems

General management of customer's information to support all business operations with a team located at different countries. Acquisition and regular management process. Team assignment, notifications, booking and process documentations. Subprocess following up. Available from different platforms an devices. Integration with different web services providers (email, web, calendar). Customers related document management. A 100% web enabled.

Enterprise Management Systems for the management of electronic money associated with financial instruments

(prepaid/postpaid card) that facilitate the use of electronic money (e.g.: employee benefits, travel expenses, bonuses & others). General characteristics: multiple product management, multiple organizations, branches, new product issue application, definition of batch processes, information search and visualization. Aimed at the prepaid/postpaid financial sector.

Web Services integrated with simple channels for operations across IVR and SMS

General characteristics: Allows fast and simple execution of operations made by end users by interacting with their telephones with automated response systems (IVR) and simple messaging (SMS). Among the operations we have reports and specific transactions. Aimed at organizations that need to use IVR and SMS channels (financial or not)

Accountancy System for the integral management of an organization's accounts.

Open to the implementation of ledgers and daybooks, with the possibility of integration with automatic accounting events. The application has been developed as a web application and contains standard accountancy modules such as: multiple company management, financial period management, account catalog management, receipt management, management and processing of automatic events, generation of reports and statements. Aimed at financial and administrative departments of small, medium and large enterprises.

Call Center Business Process Management (BPM).

This service has built-in intelligence needed for the configuration of customer handling workflows that are needed for any call center application. It is completely configurable, it allows the declaration of workflows for specific customer handling scenarios, it can interact with any integrated system module. Aimed at any organization that needs a call center.

Complaint management Help Desk.

In any call center system, it is usually required to manage customer complaints and their resolutions. Some of the features of the complaint management system: Attention time management per complaint type, workgroup configuration (Master, Supervisor, Analyst), online management dashboards, financial complaints management. Aimed at any organization in need of a complaints management system.

Massive printing processes.

Manages processes with massive printing needs, such as invoicing, distribution, correspondence, etc. Characteristics: printing queue management, heterogeneous document formats. Runs from many operating systems (Windows, Unix, Linux, etc). Aimed at: financial and non-financial sector.

Embossing and distribution systems for credit cards, debit cards or similar instruments.

Developed under Java, this system generates card embossing and distribution files. It includes the management of invoices, receipts and inventory control. Aimed at: financial and non financial sectors.

Collection solutions.

General characteristics: centralized administration, management of shifts, several access levels (administrator, supervisor, operator), cash management. Aimed at organization with large collecting needs.

Access control solutions.

General characteristics: Distributed validations, high disponibility, monitoring and configurability, integration with specialized access control hardware. Aimed at organizations with specific access control needs.

Solutions for integral document management following the Groupware concept (forum & Wiki)

which permit discussion management and collaborative document creation and editing. Aimed at organizations which need groupware services.

Solutions for workflow process automation

Adapted to specific business processes, including monitoring of each stage and the necessary tools to manage the process. Aimed at organizations that need workflow automation management.


Some of our area of expertice and technologies...

Visual Estudio Code
The Open Group
Apache Derby


Just send an email to info@devflex.com


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